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Technology Entrepreneurship Lab (WI000813)

Course WI000813SE in WS 2022/3

General Data

Course Type seminar
Semester Weekly Hours 4 SWS
Organisational Unit Chair of Entrepreneurship (Prof. Patzelt)
Lecturers Franziska Heyde
Dates 5 singular or moved dates

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Further Information

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additional remarks Target group: The seminar addresses students in the final terms of their bachelor’s degree or in their Master from all faculties of TU Munich who are passionate about entrepreneurship as well as guiding teams on their entrepreneurial and innovation journey. Seminar content: - 2 full days of entrepreneurial and coaching skill training - 3 months of hands-on coaching guidance of entrepreneurial and innovation teams - various workshops about first team meeting, intercultural communication, team conflict and motivation, team retrospectives, iteration based work, user centric understanding, and rapid prototyping throughout the seminar Technology Entrepreneurship Lab (E-Lab) is a hands-on, three-month education program where you learn how to guide new entrepreneurial and innovation teams. Our learn-by-doing education unfolds in two phases: First, you will acquire and improve coaching skills during our two-day workshop. Second, you will guide up to three entrepreneurial or innovation teams from Business Plan Basic Seminar or Tech Challenge throughout the semester. E-Lab is based on the principle of deepening your understanding through guiding others. Therefore, as a coach in E-Lab you will deepen and enrich your understanding of the following topics by guiding up to three entrepreneurial or innovation teams: * Which use cases exist for a certain technology? * How can you identify customer needs in a user-centric approach? * How can you build a Minimum Viable Product? * How big is the market (top-down- and bottom-up-analysis)? * What is the competitive situation? * What is the Value Proposition? * What does the value chain look like? * How to develop and test business models? * What is the financial situation of the technological business idea? * How to present the business idea and business model convincingly? In order to guide the teams successfully, you will also learn: * How to establish a good working relationship with the teams and within the teams? * How to communicate effectively and efficiently with your teams? * How to foster agile teamwork? * How to prevent or transform conflicts in a team? * How to strengthen the team development process?
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