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Lecture Radiation Protection and Medical Applications

Course MEMA003562 in WS 2021/2

General Data

Course Type lecture
Semester Weekly Hours 4 SWS
Organisational Unit TUM Department of Medicine
Lecturers Stefan Bartzsch
Michal Devecka
Carl-Robert Ganter
Dimitrios Karampinos
Carmen Kessel
Stefan Münch
Mona Mustafa
Stephan Nekolla
Johannes Notni
Daniela Pfeiffer
Thomas Schmid
Christoph Straube
Klaus-Rüdiger Trott
Responsible/Coordination: Stephanie E. Combs
Jorge Cabello
Klemens Scheidhauer
Dates Tue, 13:00–14:30, 51.0.52
Tue, 15:00–16:30, 51.0.52

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Further Information

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additional remarks • Epidemiological evidence of long-term health effects in population cohorts exposed to radiation in medicine, occupation and nuclear accidents and in particular the Japanese A-bomb survivors. • History of radiation protection and the international organizations involved in setting standards of radiation protection • Introduction into concepts, dose specification and risk/benefit balance. Legal regulations of radiation protection • Introduction into radiological procedures in the diagnosis and therapy of diseases and the associated radiation exposures. Risk/benefit in radiation therapy and diagnosis. • Applications of reactor neutrons in medicine and biomedical research • Demonstrations of the function of hardware used in diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine and radiation therapy.
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