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Technology and Development of Next Generation Aircraft Propulsion Systems
Technologie und Entwicklung von Triebwerken der nächsten Generation

Course 820301384 in SS 2020

General Data

Course Type lecture
Semester Weekly Hours 2 SWS
Organisational Unit Chair of Turbomachinery and Flight Propulsion (Prof. Gümmer)
Lecturers Jörg Michael Henne

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additional remarks From social as well as economic aspects, requirements for modern engines appreciably grow from one engine generation to the next. This involves tremendous demands to be satisfied in the development and production of engines in anticipation of the needs of the next 25 years. An overview is provided of the industry's challenges that range from the development of new technologies and materials to their concrete implementation under an engine program and all the way to innovative manufacturing and test techniques required in the making of the product. MTU is used as an example to show how these requirements are implemented in a company. The topics treated run the gamut from the organizational implementation of a speedy interdisciplinary development effort to cost-conscious manufacturing characterized by stringent avia-tion-compliant quality requirements. Main subject of the lecture, therefore, is trends, concepts, methods and tools associated with engine development and production. In the process, concrete issues are addressed and potential solutions discussed. An attempt is made to convey to students the experience and insights the company has gained through the use of the various tools, linking theory with practical application. Excursion: The lecture includes a one-day excursion to MTU Aero Engines headquarters in Munich. There the students have the opportunity to see the production of aero engine components and discuss quality issues The lecture will be complemented with a full-day excursion to MTU Aero Engines to illustrate selected practical applications on-site and in consultation with competent members of the staff.
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