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Nuclear Astrophysics

Course 0000000435 in WS 2019/20

General Data

Course Type lecture
Semester Weekly Hours 4 SWS
Organisational Unit Nuclear Astrophysics
Lecturers Shawn Bishop
Dates Tue, 13:30–15:00, PH 2024
Mon, 10:30–12:00, PH 2024

Assignment to Modules

  • PH2258: Nukleare Astrophysik / Nuclear Astrophysics
    This module is included in the following catalogs:
    • Specific catalogue of special courses for nuclear, particle, and astrophysics
    • Complementary catalogue of special courses for condensed matter physics
    • Complementary catalogue of special courses for Biophysics
    • Complementary catalogue of special courses for Applied and Engineering Physics

Further Information

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additional remarks This course focuses on the fundamentals of stellar structure; stars as hydrostatic, gravitationally bound objects, in which energy production inside them is balanced by the energy flowing out to space. Thermonuclear reaction rates are derived and this introduces the nuclear reaction cross-section. Direction connection between the nuclear reaction rates measured in laboratories to the nucleosynthesis observed in red giant stars is shown. The physics of the mass-luminosity relation for Main Sequence stars like our own Sun is derived. Explosive nucleosynthesis is covered observationally, and experimental methods for measuring resonant thermonuclear reaction rates are presented. Stellar explosions require that sudden and rapid thermal energy be produced inside a star; this requires resonant nuclear reactions, which is a topic taught in this course The student will exit this course with a solid foundation in the fundamental physics which governs the structure, lifetimes, and nucleosynthesis of stars. And will have a greater appreciation of the experimental techniques and challenges for measuring nuclear reaction rates at kinetic energies far below the Coulomb barrier.
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