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Quantum Sensing

Lehrveranstaltung 0000004120 im SS 2019


LV-Art Hauptseminar
Umfang 2 SWS
betreuende Organisation Halbleiter-Nanostrukturen und -Quantensysteme
Dozent(inn)en Friedemann Reinhard
Georg Braunbeck
Andreas Waeber
Termine Do, 13:00–14:30, WSI 101S

Zuordnung zu Modulen

  • PH1440: Quantensensorik / Quantum Sensing
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    • Proseminarkatalog für den Masterstudiengang Applied and Engineering Physics
    • Proseminarkatalog für den Masterstudiengang Physik der kondensierten Materie

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ergänzende Hinweise * First date ("Vorbesprechung"): 25.04.17 * Can we find a promising real-world application of quantum mechanics? This question has intrigued physicists ever since its development in the early twentieth century. Today, quantum computers and quantum cryptography are widely believed to be the most promising ones. Interestingly, however, this belief might turn out to be incomplete. In recent years a different class of applications has emerged that employs quantum mechanical systems as sensors for various physical quantities ranging from magnetic and electric fields, to time and frequency, to rotations, to temperature and pressure. In this seminar, students will acquire an overview of this rapidly evolving field of physics. Each participant will be asked to read literature about one specific technique and deliver a presentation. Possible topics will cover applications such as * atomic clocks and GPS * superconducting SQUID magnetic field sensors for sensing of currents in the brain * NV centers in diamond and their potential use for imaging of the magnetic fields of single molecules, hard disk write heads and neuronal currents.
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