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Operational Amplifiers

Course 249968899 in SS 2015

General Data

Course Type Lecture w/ Exercise
Semester Weekly Hours 3 SWS
Organisational Unit TUEINWS

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additional remarks *The devices of a CMOS-process: MOSFETs, Resistors, Capacitors, parasitic Elements. *Modelling of the MOSFET: Shichman-Hodges-Model, Weak Inversion, Velocity Saturation, Small Signal Model, CAD Models. *Single transistor basic circuits: Common source, drain and gate configuration, active loads. *Basic circuits with several transistors: Current mirror, cascode, folded cascode, differential pair, bias generation, matching. *Dynamic analysis: Basic circuits, dominant pole estimation, gain bandwidth, miller theorem. *Feedback circuits: The four basic feedback types, loop gain, Blackman's impedance transformation, gain estimation. *Dynamik and stability in feedback circuits: Nyquist criterium, phase and gain margin, overshoot, compensation, pole splitting, slew rate. *Construction of operational amplifiers: Miller OTA, symmetrical OTA, folded cascode OTA, offset estimation. *Remarks: The usage of circuit simulators (PSPICE) is a special focus, a link between hand calculation and simulation should be established. The simulations should be performed as voluntary home projects, the tasks will be given as design problemswithout a solution scheme.
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Thu, 16:45–19:15, N1095ZG
WS 2022/3 Operational Amplifiers Brederlow, R. Molnar, S. Schewa, M. Schlaffer-Zannoth, A. Thu, 16:45–19:15, N1095ZG
and singular or moved dates
WS 2021/2 Operational Amplifiers Schlaffer-Zannoth, A. Tue, 17:45–20:00, virtuell
WS 2020/1 Operational Amplifiers Schlaffer-Zannoth, A.
Assistants: Burcea, F.
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