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Elective Subject Sciences in the M.Sc. Matter to Life

Students enrolled in Matter to Life Master program choose at least 40 CP (ECTS) of Master courses from the science subjects.

By default all passed modules count towards the final grade – even if the sum of the accounted modules exceeds 40 CP, resulting in a final credit saldo above 120.

The regulations for the corresponding exams are given by the neighboring departments, the exams are organized in TUMonline.

Open Catalog

The catalog of the science subjects is an "open catalog" which is dynamic and steadily growing. In case you would like to take a course that does not appear in the catalog, contact the program coordinator at an early stage and facilitate him the relevant module number (the number of the lecture alone is often not sufficient). If the module is approved, it will be included in the catalog. We strongly recommend students to do this well before the exam of the course takes place!

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Module ID Title CP
CH0437 Zelluläre Biochemie 2 6
CH3181 Biologische Chemie 5
CH3187 Zellbiologie 5
CH3216 Supramolecular Chemistry 5
MA5607 Topics in Computational Biology 6
PH2013 Physical Biology of the Cell 1 5
PH2014 Physical Biology of the Cell 2 5
PH2019 Molecular Dynamics Simulations 5
PH2181 Image Processing in Physics 5
PH2235 Synthetische Biologie 2 5
WZ0402 Strukturbioinformatik 5
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