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TUM:Junge Akademie – application until the 30th of August

The TUM: Junge Akademie is our extracurricular scholarship for the most talented and scientifically interested students of the TUM. During the active time in the program, the scholarship holders organize themselves in interdisciplinary teams of 5-8 students and develop a research project, inspired by the year's call. This year, the call is "Learning from Nature".

The project realization is accompanied by tutors (usually alumni) and mentors (usually professors). The network of TUMJA is available from the start and includes TUMJA alumni, active professors as well as members of the Emeriti of Excellence, and young researchers.

Interactive workshops, up to eight seminar-weekends and cultural highlights, as well as financial support of the projects allow a wide-reaching professional and personal development, exceeding the boundaries of one's course of study.

Please send your application to until the 30th of August. Your application should include an anonymized letter of motivation, an anonymized CV, a current grade report and an essay or video regarding the call.

You may find more information on TUMJA’s website, in the info event at the 16th of August at 7pm (register via TUM Wiki) or via

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