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Deadline for Re-Enrollment for Winter Semester 2021/2 is 2021-08-15

Für das Weiterstudium im WS 2021/2 ist eine Rückmeldung durch Überweisung des Semesterbeitrags bis zum Sa, 15.08.2020 erforderlich.

If you will not pay the student fees until Sat, 2020-08-15 your studies will be terminated at the end of the Summer Semester 2021.

If you are currently in the last weeks or months of your Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis keep in mind: to fulfill examinations and course work you must be enrolled. If you are not absolutely sure that you will finish your studies during SS 2021 completely, you should re-enroll immediately.

Especially on the day you hand in your thesis and on the day you have the final colloquium you must be enrolled – the last date to hand in your thesis during winter semester is Thu, 2021-09-30. Only exams and course work finished at Sat, 23.10.2021 (one week into the lecturing period of the WS 2021/2) are accounted to the Summer Semester 2021.

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