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DTU-TUM 1:1 Master Program in Physics and Nanotechnology

Since 2006 DTU and TUM joined the European University Alliance, a contract between universities of excellence. Together the universities have developed a novel concept for English taught Master programs, where students spend one year at each university.

DTU Quantum Optics Lab The Quantum Optics Lab at DTU comprises equipment for the study of the quantum properties of light and of color centers in diamond. A unique collection of low-noise laser sources, non-linear optical systems, and quantum detectors are used to generate, control, and characterize non-classical states of light and matter and to implement quantum information protocols. Photo: DTU/Quantum Optics Lab.

DTU program coordinator

Associate professor Rafael J. Taboryski

TUM program coordinator

Dr. Maria Eckholt

This program aims at internationally aware and highly motivated students, with an above-average performance in their previous studies (i.e. Bachelor of Science or equivalent).


  • The DTU-TUM 1:1 is a two-year Master program, consisting of four semesters. All students spend one year at each university.
  • Tuition is in English and the program contains a workload of 120 ECTS credit points.
  • The students are enrolled either at TUM or at DTU and tuition fees have to be paid according to the existing regulations at the university of enrollment. When staying at the partner university, the students have status as exchange students through a specified bilateral agreement. (The formalities with respect to the exchange are stated in a separate bilateral exchange agreement for the 1:1 physics Master program.)
  • The host institution will render assistance to the incoming students in finding appropriate accommodation.
  • The graduates are entitled either “Master of Science” in Engineering in Physics and Nanotechnology at DTU or “Master of Science” in Physics (Applied and Engineering Physics) at TUM. Which diploma they obtain, depends on the university of enrollment.

Admission criteria

Either of the following:

  • a relevant above-average Bachelor's degree in Physics obtained at TUM,
  • an above-average Bachelor's degree in Physics and Nanotechnology obtained at DTU,
  • a relevant above-average Bachelor's degree obtained at a Danish, German or an internationally recognized foreign university or
  • a degree obtained from a foreign institution of higher education which is equivalent to any of those specified above.

In particular, for admission as a TUM student the regular prerequisites for the Master program in Applied and Engineering Physics have to be fulfilled.

Application procedure

If you decide to enroll at TUM, the application procedure consists of two parts. You have to apply both to the Master program in Applied and Engineering Physics (AEP) and to the international program. The latter runs together with the ERASMUS+ application at the Physics Department, being the application deadline every year on January 10.

Please fill in the online application form of the Physics Department and submit an electronic copy of the following documents (compiled as one PDF) to

  • letter of motivation in English (min. one page, A4), please address the following points: why the 1:1 program, including your choice of courses as well as research interests, and why are you a good candidate for the program
  • draft of study plan (prior discusion with the academic advisor for internationalization is necessary)
  • curriculum vitae in English, including a photo, internships, language skills (e.g. A1-C2), social commitment (e.g. fellow program), hobbies, etc.
  • transcript of records (e.g. from TUMonline for TUM students)

A printed and signed copy of the TUM online application form has to be submitted personally to the academic advisor for internationalization in the Physics Department (how to fill in the online application form „Outgoing - Erasmus SMS, Switzerland and Double Degree 2016/17“). When filling out the TUM online application in the Outgoing Portal of our International Center, you will also have to upload the above mentioned documents as well as a document certifying your English language skills (DAAD language test, TUM language course, Abitur certificate, etc.).

Do something nice for someone else - room ready for incomings

To support international exchange students in their accommodation search, our International Center has organized an accommodation exchange platform. Regular TUM students going abroad, can offer their rooms or apartments for sublet. You will find more information at International Center's website. These offers only apply to incoming exchange students coming to TUM for 1 to 2 semesters.

Students enrolled at DTU

The student will follow an individual study plan, approved by both program coordinators at DTU and at TUM. The study plan will follow the guidelines described on DTU's website about the 1:1 program in physics.

Students enrolled at TUM

The student will follow an individual study plan, approved by both program coordinators at DTU and at TUM. The study plan will follow the guidelines described in this section.

First year at TUM, second year at DTU

  • Students will fulfill all regular requirements from the first year of the Master program in Applied and Engineering Physics at TUM.
  • Students will spend year-two at DTU, where they will elaborate a 50 ECTS Master's thesis and take 10 ECTS of courses, selected from the list of courses from the Technological Specialization at DTU. For the Master's thesis, students will have to have as well a supervisor at TUM. Formally students have an internal advisor at TUM and an external advisor at DTU. Grading at TUM is done by two professors; the grade is averaged over the written thesis and colloquium weighting 30 ECTS and 5 ECTS, respectively.

First year at DTU, second year at TUM

  • Students have to take the "Advanced Quantum Mechanics" course at DTU (course code 10112) and select courses for a total of 30 ECTS points from the list of the Technological Specialization Courses within the Master program Physics and Nanotechnology (see curriculum, appendix B). These courses are either related to the topics of Applied and Engineering Physics, Biophysics or Condensed Matter Physics. Students have to choose one project course and general competence courses to follow up to 60 credits in total. At least 10 ECTS should come from a complementary area to be defined in collaboration with the dean of studies at TUM.
  • In the second year students will elaborate the master thesis at TUM, following the usual requirements of the Physics Department, which include the Masterseminar, Masterspraktikum and Mastercolloquium.


Appendix A: Courses at TUM available to DTU students (Technological Specialization)

DTU students may choose from special courses in physics. As a general rule, courses counting towards the specialization in Applied and Engineering Physics are taught in English, others have to be checked individually. This list is revised before the start of each winter semester.

Appendix B: DTU courses available to TUM students (Applied and Engineering Physics)

Available courses are those belonging to the Technological Specialization. All courses are offered in English and are listed in DTU's Study Handbook. Minor revisions of the list take place every year before the fall term.

Please let us know if information is outdated or incorrect by contacting Maria Eckholt.

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