Internationalisation funds of the TUM Graduate school

Application and frequently asked questions

Each eligible PhD candidate of the TUM Graduate School (TUM-GS) is entitled to recive 1600 € during his entire PhD for travel expenses for international conferences or research stays abroad. For research stays over four weeks up to 3000 € are available. Additionally another 1600 € in travel expenses for conferences and research stays abroad are offered by the Fachgraduiertenzentrum Physik (FGZ) for eligible PhD candidates.

Eligible for the travel funds are Phd candidates that are:

  1. member of the TUM Graduate school as well as
  2. entered in the PhD candidate list  of the physics department, as well as
  3. employed at the TUM (no Max-Planck-employees, WMI employees or similar) or under special circumstances recive a stipend (further information here)

Refunding of travel expenses by the TUM Graduate school (application)

The application for the travel expense refund is consists of two parts. On the one hand a normal travel expense form (Reisekostenabrechnung) and the application to the TUM Graduate school (for down payment see here). Both parts are needed in combination. The aplication can be found at (older PhD candidates without Docgs see here). Log in. Create a new entry in "Reimbursement: international activities" (new entry creation not possible see here).

DocGS ansicht

Fill out this form online and additionally print it to supplement our normal travel expense form. Your PhD supervisor also needs to sign the application. In your travel expense form the paying fonds nees to say " TUM Graduate school internationalisation". Send both forms combined to the Reisekostenstelle of the physics department.

Can I recive travel funds from the TUM-GS if I recive a stipend?

You can recive the travel money under one condition. You need to supplement your application by a letter from your stipend organization confirming that they do not offer travel funds for PhD candidates (with signature and stamp). Attach this letter to your travel expense form.

I have no acces to Docgs (older PhD candidates).

If you are member of the TUM-Graduate school for al long time, it is possible that you do not have access to Docgs. If you meet all the above mentioned requirements, you can also recive the travel reimbursement. For this donload the following form and fill it out (including your supervisior). Form 

I need a down payment before my travel.

In this case complete your travel expense form and hand in combination with your TUM Graduate school Form hand it in to the Reisekostenstelle. For further questions concerning down payments please refer to the Reisekostenstelle.

I can no add a new entry in Docgs.

In  this case your status talk with your Phd supervisior is not entered into Docgs. Only after your status talk is entered into Docgs is the option for travel funds available. If you need the funds already in the first part of your PhD, please refer to the TUM-GS

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