Certificate Ceremony for Prof. Francis Halzen as “TUM Distinguished Affiliated Professor” at 21st of June, 11:15


June 21, 2012, 11:15,  IAS Auditorium, Lichtenbergstr. 2 a, Garching


Opening address by the Dean of Physics, Prof. Martin Stutzmann and Laudatio by Prof. Elisa Resconi
Welcome address and handover of the “TUM Distinguished Affiliated Professor” certificate to Prof. Francis Halzen, University of Wisconsin, Madison by TUM Vice President Prof. Thomas Hofmann
Talk by Prof. Francis Halzen on “IceCube: Particle Astrophysics with High Energy Neutrinos”
Construction and commissioning of the cubic-kilometer IceCube neutrino detector and its low energy extension DeepCore have been completed. The instrument detects neutrinos over a wide energy range: from 10 GeV atmospheric neutrinos to 1010 GeV cosmogenic neutrinos. We will discuss initial results based on a subsample of the ~100,000 neutrino events recorded during construction. We will emphasize the first measurement of the high- energy atmospheric neutrino spectrum, the search for the still enigmatic sources of the Galactic and extragalactic cosmic rays and for the particle nature of dark matter.
Reception (IAS Faculty Club, 4th floor)


To register please send an email to Maria Bremberger.

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