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"Computational Physics"


2011-01-21 – Nachrichten aus dem Physik-Department

Im Springer Verlag ist das Buch "Computational Physics" von Prof. Philipp Scherer (Physik-Department T38) erschienen.

Aus dem Klappentext

This book encapsulates the coverage for a two-semester course in computational physics. The first part introduces the basic numerical methods while omitting mathematical proofs but demonstrating the algorithms by way of numerous computer experiments. The second part specializes in simulation of classical and quantum systems with instructive examples spanning many fields in physics, from a classical rotor to a quantum bit. All program examples are realized as Java applets ready to run in your browser and do not require any programming skills.


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Apl. Prof. Dr. Philipp Scherer
Technische Universität München
James Franck Str. 1
85748 Garching
Tel.: 089 / 289-13766

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