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Name Vorname Doktorvater/-mutter Lehrstuhl/Institut Thema
Albrecht Michaela Elisabeth Feldmann T31 Two Approaches Towards the Flavour Puzzle: Dynamical Minimal Flavour Violation and Warped Extra Dimensions
Altmannshofer Wolfgang Buras T31 Anatomy and Phenomenology of Flavor and CP Violation in Supersymmetric Theories
Andrade Katia Paul E18 Simultaneous Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging And Electrophysiological Recordings: Practical Application And Methodological Approach
Baier Claudia Stimming E19 Electron Transfer Phenomena in Interfacial Bioelectrochemistry
Baur Barbara Stutzmann E25 Functionalization of Group III-Nitrides for Biosensor Applications
Beimforde Michael Bethke MPP Development of thin sensors and a novel interconnection technology for the upgrade of the ATLAS pixel system
Berkemeier Felix Rief E22 Kraftspektroskopische Untersuchungen der Myomesin-Elastizität
Bildstein Malte Vinzenz Krücken E12 Exploring the Island of Inversion with the d(30Mg, p)31Mg Reaction
Bochmann Jörg Rempe MPQ Coherent Dynamics and State Detection of Single Atoms in a Cavity
Breitkreutz Harald Petry FRM II Coupled Neutronics and Thermal Hydraulics of High Density Cores for FRM II
Brunner Thomas Krücken E12 In-Trap Decay Spectroscopy for ββ Decays
Brunner Claudia Christine Paretzke Helmholtz Zentrum Development and experimental implementation of a physical concept for quality assurance of new CT methodes
Buerschaper Oliver Cirac MPQ The Structure of Nonchiral Topological Order
Bundschuh Ralph Alexander Ziegler E21 Improving Quantification in Combined Positron Emission and Computed Tomography in Oncology
Bürck Moritz
  1. Hemmen
T35 Auditory processing: From echo suppression to object formation
Daniel Christian Sackmann E22 Biomimetic Functionalization of SiO2 Surfaces by Membranes Supported on Polymeric Tethers
Dinkelbach (geb. Fuchs) Anna-Maria Paul E18 Precision Tracking and Electromagnetic Calorimetry Towards a Measurement of the Pion Polarisabilities at COMPASS
Eickenscheidt Max Fromherz MPBC Kapazitive Stimulation der Retina auf CMOS-Chip
Einert Thomas Rudolf Netz T37 Folded Bio-Polymers Structure, Pulling and Diffusion
Felderer Florian Fromherz MPBC Silizium-Nadelchips mit Transistoren und Kondensatoren als Schnittstelle zwischen Hirn und Computer
Fink Michael Röpke MPA Modeling detonations in Type Ia supernovae
Germer Jan Hollik MPP Electroweak Contributions to Squark-Pair Production Processes at the LHC
Gori Stefania Buras T31 Randall-Sundrum Models vs. Supersymmetry: the Different Flavour Signatures
Günther Eva Stimming E19 Sononucleation of inorganic phase change materials
Hachinger Stephan Hillebrandt MPA Analysis of spectra of Type I supernovae with radiative transfer models
Heiß Martin Fontcuberta i Morral E24 Growth and Properties of Low dimensional III-V Semiconductor Nanowire Heterostructures
Hell Thomas Weise T39 Modeling the Thermodynamics of QCD
Henze Martin Hasinger MPE Optische Novae als superweiche Röntgenquellen in der Andromedagalxie
Hermann Christoph Fromherz MPBC Kartierung von lokalen Netzwerken und synaptischer Langzeitplastizität im Hippocampus-Schnitt mit CMOS-Chip
Hinke Christoph Krücken E12 Spectroscopy of the doubly magic nucleus 100Sn and its decay
Höb Marco Brandt E25 Funktionalisierung von Gruppe IV- Halbleitern
Horstmann Birger Christian Helge Cirac MPQ Quantum Simulations of Out-of-Equilibrium Phenomena
Huber Andreas Stutzmann MPBC Nanoscale Surface-Polariton Spectroscopy by Mid- and Far-Infrared Near-Field Microscopy
Janzen Tilman Paretzke Helmholtz Zentrum Biophysical studies of radioiodine metabolism during therapy of Autonomous Functioning Thyroid Nodule
Jungmann Ralf Simmel E14 DNA-Origami als molekulare Plattform für die Bionanotechnologie
Kalcher Immanuel Netz T37 Aqueous Electrolytes: Ion-Specific Structure and Thermodynamics
Kaniber geb. Lingitz Simone Maria Holleitner E24 Optoelektronische Phänomene in hybriden Schaltkreisen aus Kohlenstoffnanoröhren und dem Photosystem I
Keiser (geb. Eichinger) Teresa Paretzke Helmholtz Zentrum Improvement of a biokinetic model for cerium in humans by tracerkinetic studies
Kubanek Alexander Rempe MPQ Two-photon gateway and feedback control of a single atom in a cavity
Laucht Arne Finley E24 Semiconductor Quantum Optics with Tailored Photonic Nanostructures
Lauf Thomas Hasinger MPE Analysis and Operation of DePFET X-ray Imaging Detectors
Legl Stefan Pfleiderer E21 Entwicklung eines Spulen-Vibrationsmagnetometers zur Untersuchung korrelierter Elektrosysteme bei ultratiefen Temperaturen
Maurer Jakob Immanuel Hillebrandt MPA The Formation of Nebular Spectra in Core-Collapse Supernovae
Mücke Martin Rempe MPQ Elektromagnetisch induzierte Transparenz mit einem einzelnen Atom
Mühlegger Martin Hasinger MPE Simulated Observations of Galaxy Clusters for Current and Future X-ray Surveys
Neubauer Andreas Pfleiderer E21 Single crystal growth of intermetallic compounds with unusual low temperature properties
Neusser Sebastian Grundler E10 Spin Waves on Antidot Lattices: From Quantization to Magnonic Crystals
Pakmor Rüdiger Röpke MPA Progenitor systems of Type Ia Supernovae: mergers of white dwarfs and constraints on hydrogen-accreting white dwarfs
Pedone Daniel Abstreiter E24 Nanopore Analytics-Electro-optical Studies on Single Molecules
Petersen Björn Ratz LMU Discrete Abelian Gauge Symmetries
Pfister Sebastian Feilitzsch E15 Suche nach Dunkler Materie mit dem CRESST-II-Experiment
Pirzer Tobias Hugel E22 Zur Lehre von Grenzflächen und von der Wirkung der Salze
Promberger Christoph Buras T31 The Fourth Generation: A Comprehensive Analysis
Rammah Yasser Günter IPP Nonlinear Triad Interactions in Three-Dimensional Magnetohydrodynamic Plasma Turbulence
Rolfs Katharina Petry E13 Influence of the alloying element cobalt on the key properties of ferromagnetic shape memory Ni-Mn-Ga single crystals
Ruppert Claudia Laubereau E11 Ultraschnelle Optoelektronik an Halbleiter-Metall-Hybridstrukturen
Sailer Jürgen Abstreiter E24 Materials and devices for quantum information processing in Si/SiGe
Sanz Ruiz Mikel Cirac MPQ Tensor Networks in Condensed Matter
Sanz Ruiz Mikel Cirac MPQ Tensor Networks in Condensed Matter
Schieren Roland Ratz T30e Discrete Symmetries in the MSSM
Schmaler Jens Oberauer MPP The CRESST Dark Matter Search- New Analysis Methods and Recent Results
Schulz Michael Ludwig Böni E21 Radiography with Polarised Neutrons
Seufert Knud Johannes Barth E20 Nanochemistry with porphyrins- a 2D perspective
Sichert Andreas van Hemmen T35 Predicting Sensory Performance Maps, Optimality, Feature Extraction, and Learning
Simson Martin Zimmer E18 Measurement of the electron antineutrino angular correlation coefficient a with the neutron decay spectrometer aSPECT
Sommer Christian Rempe MPQ Construction and Operation of a Cryogenic Source for Cold Polar Molecules
Specht Holger Rempe MPQ Einzelatom-Quantenspeicher für Polarisations-Qubits
Spirkoska Jovanov Danche Abstreiter E24 Fundamental Properties of Self-Catalyzed GaAs Nanowires and Related Heterostructures
Stegner André Brandt E25 Shallow dopants in nanostructured and in isotopically engineered silicon
Straub David Buras T31 Supersymmetry, the Flavour Puzzle and Rare B Decays
Straub, geb. Eppinger Katrin Krücken E12 Zerfallseigenschaften von Nukliden in der Umgebung von 100Sn
Vogel Christian Günter IPP Statistical properties of compressible hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
Voßen Christine van Hemmen T35 Auditory Information Processing in Systems with Internally Coupled Ears
Weber Michael Krücken E12 Dielektronen Spektroskopie in kalter Kernmaterie
Wick Michael Buras T31 Semileptonic B Decays in the Standard Model and Beyond
Wigger Christian Günter IPP Development and Application of a Nonlinear Axisymmetric Resistive MHD-Code
Wimmer Kathrin Krücken E12 Discovery of the shape coexisting 0+ state in 32Mg
Windisch Tjark Florian Grundler E10 Magnetic investigations on correlated electrons in a pseudo-spin-systems and ferromagnetic/nanomechanical hybrid systems
Wongwathanarat Annop Müller MPA Multidimensional simulations of core collapse supernovae using a two-patch overset grid in spherical coordinates
Wurm geb. Semmrich Christine Bausch E27 Structure, Mechanics and Dynamics of Cytoskeletal Model Systems
Zardo Ilaria Abstreiter E24 Growth and Raman spectroscopy studies of gold-free catalyzed semiconductor nanowires
Zecherle (geb. Wesseli) Markus Betz E11 Kurzzeitspektroskopie an einzelnen selbstorganisierten Halbleiterquantenpunkten
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