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Bachelor-Absolventen - Jahrgang 2009/2010

Name Lehrstuhl Thema
Bischoff Felix E20 Interaction of surface anchored porphyrin arrays with cerium atoms
Bozhanova Ralitsa E18 Optical investigation of solid oxygen in its α-phase
Chacón Roldán Alfonso Arturo E21 Design of an uniaxial Pressure Experiment for Neutron Scattering
Demharter Matthias E13 Optical Properties of Polymer Films in Photovoltaics
Haeberle Tobias E25 Structural and Electronic Characterization of Alkylated GaN Surfaces
Hain Karin E21 Spatial resolved positron annihilation spectroscopy on weld induced defects
Heinrich Andreas E19 Influence of illumination and external resistance on the oscillatory dynamics during the electrochemical oxidation of silicon
Kastl Christoph E24 Gating of two-dimensional Electron Systems in Si/SiGe
Kneipp Moritz HelmholtzZentrum Implementation and evaluation of breath gas analysis by PTR-MS as a new screening tool for metabolic phenotyping in mice
Krawczyk Marta E13 Characterization of diblock copolymer films for application in photovoltaics
Langer Heinrich E19 Investigation of Methanol Oxidation Reaction on PtRu/Sibunit Catalysts for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Applications
Lindner Sarah E25 Optical and structural investigations of ZnMgO thin films
Lux Florian E19 Energetic Efficiency of Hydrogen
Markl Fabian E13 Structuring of an electronblocking PEDOT: PSS layer in organic electronics
Mittermeier Thomas E19 Synthesis and electrochemical investigation of Pt-Sn binary alloys for fuel cell related reactions
Omran Ahmed E13 Magnetic properties of maghemite nanoparticles in a copolymer matrix
Pfefferkorn Jennifer MPP Investigation of the Response Characteristics of the Muon Chambers in the ATLAS Detector by Means of Cosmic Muons
Schraml Konrad E25 Photocurrent spectroscopy of CdTe single crystals
Schwarzenberger Ulrich E25 Photocurrent dynamics of silicon wafers
Söde Hajo E23 Surface Acoustic Waves at Ferromagnetic Piezoelectric Interfaces
Wiedemann Michael E21 FEM simulation and experimental verification of the magnetic field of a Spin-Echo coil
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