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Exam to Supersymmetry

Exam PH2250 in SS 2021

Assignment to Modules

  • PH2250: Supersymmetrie / Supersymmetry
    This module is included in the following catalogs:
    • Specific catalogue of special courses for nuclear, particle, and astrophysics
    • Complementary catalogue of special courses for condensed matter physics
    • Complementary catalogue of special courses for Biophysics
    • Complementary catalogue of special courses for Applied and Engineering Physics
    • Specialization Modules in Elite-Master Program Theoretical and Mathematical Physics (TMP)

Historic Dates

For your information previous exam dates equivalent to the above are given.

Exam to Supersymmetry and Extra Dimensions in WS 2019/20
Thu, 2019-10-24 till 2019-10-16
Exam to Supersymmetry in SS 2021
Mon, 2021-07-12 Dummy-Termin. Wenden Sie sich zur individuellen Terminvereinbarung an die/den Prüfer(in). Anmeldung für Prüfungstermin vor Mo, 27.09.2021. Melden Sie sich bitte nur an, wenn Sie die Prüfung verbindlich auch nach Lektüre der Informationen unter ablegen werden. // Dummy date. Contact examiner for individual appointment. Registration for exam date before Mon, 2021-09-27. See for further information and only register after reading! till 2021-06-30 (cancelation of registration till 2021-07-11)
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