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Advanced Quantum Mechanics

Course 0000002673 in SS 2024

General Data

Course Type lecture
Semester Weekly Hours 2 SWS
Organisational Unit Theoretical Particle Physics
Lecturers Lorenzo Tancredi
Dates Mon, 14:00–16:00, PH HS1
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Further Information

Courses are together with exams the building blocks for modules. Please keep in mind that information on the contents, learning outcomes and, especially examination conditions are given on the module level only – see section "Assignment to Modules" above.

additional remarks --Time dependent Hamiltonian: interaction picture, two state problem, adiabatic approximation, Berry’s phase--Time dependent perturbation theory: review and applications-- Atoms in electromagnetic fields: absorption and stimulated emission, multipole expansion (electric dipole, quadrupole, magnetic dipole), photoelectric effect--Atoms and quantum theory of radiation, spontaneous emission--Scattering theory: S Matrix and scattering amplitude, T matrix and Lippmann-Schwinger equation, optical theorem, Born Approximation, phase shifts and partial waves, eikonal approximation, scattering length, effective range and shallow bound states, resonances and bound states, parity and time reversal invariance, inelastic electron-atom scattering, form factors--Systems of identical particles: two electron systems, helium atom scattering of identical particles
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Equivalent Courses (e. g. in other semesters)

WS 2024/5 Advanced Quantum Mechanics Brambilla, N. Fri, 08:00–10:00, PH HS2
WS 2023/4 Advanced Quantum Mechanics Brambilla, N. Mon, 10:00–12:00, PH HS2
WS 2022/3 Advanced Quantum Mechanics Brambilla, N. Mon, 10:00–12:00, PH HS2
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