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Mixed Signal Electronics in Neuroengineering (Lab)

Course 0000003608 in WS 2022/3

General Data

Course Type practical training
Semester Weekly Hours 1 SWS
Organisational Unit Associate Professorship of Neuroelectronics (Prof. Wolfrum)
Lecturers Fulvia Del Duca
Inola Kopic
Bernhard Wolfrum
Francisco Zurita

Assignment to Modules

This course is not assigned to any module.

Further Information

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additional remarks This course covers topics related to the interaction between neural tissue and the tools that are used to record from or stimulate them. Starting with concepts of device-tissue interactions and the electrochemistry of the electrode-electrolyte interface we will proceed with optimization strategies for sensing and stimulation applications. The class provides an overview of the main components of a complete neural hardware system comprising bioelectronic recording/stimulation interfaces as well as relevant processing circuitry. The course will also address state-of-the-art methods for the design and fabrication of soft and flexible neuroelectronic interfaces and processing hardware for noisy neural recordings including pre-processing (analog low-noise amplifiers and bandpass filters), and application-specific hardware (analog/digital/mixed signal), which is implemented either in an implantable system or external components. Furthermore, stimulation with micro-currents will be discussed and how to use such systems while minimizing negative chronic effects.
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