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Introduction to Scientific Machine Learning for Engineers (MW2435)

Course 0000002392 in WS 2022/3

General Data

Course Type lecture
Semester Weekly Hours 2 SWS
Organisational Unit Chair of Aerodynamics and Fluid mechanics (Prof. Adams)
Lecturers Nikolaus Adams
Ludger Pähler
Artur Petrov Toshev
Dates Mon, 15:00–16:30, ZEI 0001

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additional remarks This course presents the fundamentals of machine learning building on a basic understanding of linear algebra and the axiomatic description of probability theory. Starting with supervised learning basic regression approaches are being discussed, culminating in generalized linear models. Starting with support vector machines various kernel approaches such as Gaussian processes are then covered. We subsequently move on to the general class of neural network methods, their training via backpropagation, bias vs. variance trade-offs, regularization and modern classes of neural networks. The classes covered in this course are recurrent neural networks, convolutional neural networks, generative adversarial networks, and the more modern transformer networks. The course subsequently culminates in an introduction to variational inference, autoencoders and principal component analysis. The content is subject to change based on progress during the semester.
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