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Mathematical Methods in Chemistry II
Mathematische Methoden der Chemie 2 (CH0112)

Course 0820075811 in SS 2021

General Data

Course Type lecture
Semester Weekly Hours 3 SWS
Organisational Unit TUM Department of Chemistry
Lecturers Markus Drees
Ulrich Kaspar Heiz
Dates Mon, 09:00–11:00
Wed, 11:00–12:00

Assignment to Modules

Further Information

Courses are together with exams the building blocks for modules. Please keep in mind that information on the contents, learning outcomes and, especially examination conditions are given on the module level only – see section "Assignment to Modules" above.

additional remarks Linear Algebra: Vector Spaces, Scalar Product and Norm, Basis of a Vector Space, Linear Mappings, Basis Transformations, Matrices, Determinants, Linear Equations, Eigenvalue Problems; Multidimensional Calculus: Partial Derivatives, Differentiation, Directional Derivative, Differential Operators of Vector Calculus, Critical Points, Extrema, Constrained Critical Points and Lagrange Multipliers, Line Integrals, Multiple Integrals, Change of Variables, Surface Integrals, Gauß' Theorem (Green's Theorem), Stokes' Theorem; Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations
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