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Corporate Finance (WI000091)

Course 820517894 in SS 2020

General Data

Course Type lecture
Semester Weekly Hours 2 SWS
Organisational Unit Chair of Financial Management and Capital Markets (Prof. Kaserer)
Lecturers Christoph Kaserer
Dates Tue, 13:15–14:45, virtuell

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Further Information

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additional remarks --> In the summer term 2020, Corporate Finance is an online course. <-- The module covers fundamental concepts in corporate finance. This knowledge is important as a fundament for advanced courses in corporate finance as well as a career in the investment banking or in a corporate treasury department. • Options: Basic understanding, put call parity, binomial and Black-Scholes option pricing, equity as call option • Real options: Identification and binomial pricing • Valuation: Introduction to DCF methods, multiples methods and applications • IPO: Empirical studies of IPO costs, IPO process • Capital structure: WACC under OPM, CAPM and MM, trade off theory of debt, agency theory of debt, pecking order theory of debt • Efficient markets: Definitions, modeling, empirical approaches and results • M&A: Explanations of wealth effects of M&A, explanations for conglomerates, Empirical results on other forms of ownership decreases and change (divestitures, carve outs, spin offs, tracking stock, split ups, LBOs) • Dividend policy: Theories of optimal dividend policy, Empirical evidence
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SS 2021 Corporate Finance (WI000091) Kaserer, C.
Assistants: Knauer, L.
Tue, 13:15–14:45, virtuell
SS 2019 Corporate Finance (WI000091) Kaserer, C. Tue, 13:15–14:45, 0606
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