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Flight Propulsion 1 and Gas Turbines

Course 240415131 in WS 2019/20

General Data

Course Type lecture
Semester Weekly Hours 2 SWS
Organisational Unit Chair of Turbomachinery and Flight Propulsion (Prof. Gümmer)
Lecturers Volker Gümmer
Christian Köhler
Niklas Kuen

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Courses are together with exams the building blocks for modules. Please keep in mind that information on the contents, learning outcomes and, especially examination conditions are given on the module level only – see section "Assignment to Modules" above.

additional remarks Introduction [Classification and scope of thermal engines; Principle of continuous and intermittent generation of work; architecture of a gas turbine; insight into market situation; history of flight propulsion]; Thermodynamic cycle [Gas properties: Thermal and energetic states; Laws of thermodynamics; Enthalpy and entropy balance; Isentropic and polytropic change of state; h-s-Diagram, Divergence of lines of constant pressure, total and static states; Joule-Brayton process: Calculation, optimisation with regard to thermal efficiency and work output, process parameters, limitations]; Flight gas turbine process control [Constraints of aero engines; Station Identification; Thermodynamic cycles of different aero engine configurations; Thrust equation; Power output and efficiency; Engine design and optimisation]; Stationary gas turbine process control [constraints of application and types of stationary gas turbines; Station Identification; Thermodynamic cycles of stationary gas turbines; Impact of recuperator, inter-cooling and sequential combustion]; Compressor [Basics of gas dynamics; Requirements and functions; Thermodynamic process of compression; aerodynamic conditions in meridional plane/surface – comprehension of absolute and relative frame; Velocity triangles; Euler equation of turbomachinery, ideal stage characteristics; aerodynamic instabilities (rotating stall, surge); Measures for stability enhancement]; Turbine [Requirements and functions; Importance of turbine entry temperature (TET) necessity of blade cooling; Types and engineering design of cooling; Mechanical and thermal capacity in dependence on used material; thermodynamic and aerodynamic conditions]; Combustor [Requirements and significance for the thermodynamic cycle; Thermodynamic basics of combustion; Design of combustion chambers and their pros and cons; Concepts of low emission combustion; Cooling of combustion chamber; Importance of the temperature profile at the combustor exit]; Thrust and power output [Turbojet, Turboshaft, Turbofan, Thrust variation, Thrust map].
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