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#eco – techno – cosmo – logic

Art & science project for KTA master students

2018-08-10 – News from the Physics Department

The research project SFB1258 “Neutrinos and Dark Matter in Astro- and Particle Physics” at the Physics Department ( is now starting an open call for an extraordinary art & science project within its outreach program together with the SFB42, a group of artists and art students from the Academy of visual Arts in Munich.

PDF with more detailed information: Click to open it.

KTA Master Students are invited to take part in an art & science project called #eco – techno – cosmo – logic that involves a small group of 14 students, to the one half art students, to the other half KTA Master students, lead by the London based artist Jol Thomson and colleagues from the Academy of visual Arts. The project includes a trip to the Gran Sasso underground laboratory with a visit to the experiments CRESST, Gerda and Borexino, foreseen for November 2018, and a pre-workshop from 29. – 31. October 2018 at the Academy of visual Arts.

Since the SFB42 was invited to propose the project to the prestigious 1:2 award endowed by the Academy of visual Arts honoring interdisciplinary art projects, the realization of the intended last part of the art & science program is subject to the results of the award jury due mid of September. For this last part, a conference performance in Munich and London is proposed for March 2019 based on the previous work and outcome.

If you are a KTA Master student, curious to get to know more about arts, interested in working together with art students and dedicated to commit time and energy to this extraordinary interdisciplinary project, please send your application until 20 September to, including a motivation letter (ca. half a page) and information on your background. Especially first semester KTA students are encouraged to apply.

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of places, we will decide on the basis of the motivation letters.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Petra Riedel ( if you have questions (by email, phone 12436 or come to my office at the Physics Department (room 2016) or talk to Prof. Stefan Schönert or Prof. Elisa Resconi).

Please open the Open call with detailed information (PDF).


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