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Summer Schools and International Cooperative Work

Current announcements.

Depends on the project.
Application deadline always beginning of January
Africa, Asia, Latin America or southeast Europe The ASA program supports young people in their commitment to make a difference! It is a dynamic learning program aiming to train critical and open-minded people, interested on social issues and development policy.
Depends on the project.
Registration any time
In over 124 countries AIESEC is the largest student organization in the world and it provides young people with leadership development and cross-cultural global internship experiences across the globe.
2 month in
Central America or Tanzania EWH-Duke Summer Institutes, work in hospitals.
Engineering World Health: meeting challenges in developing countries, supported by the Imperial College London and the Duke University
1 month in
China Summer School in Beijing for students of the TU9 universities at the Beijing Institute of Technology
2 week in
UK Science Summer School of the Cambridge University
1 week in
Netherlands Utrecht Summer Schools in Science
1 week in
Germany International Summer School Physics of Functional Micro- and Nanostructure, Hamburg
ca. 2 months in
Germany DESY Summer Student Programme, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchotron
1 week in
Russia Joint Anvanced Student School (JASS)
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