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École Normale Superieure de Lyon



Exchange places

  • Erasmus+ Studies: 2 places, each 6 months

Number of students that can be sent to the host university. Duration of the stay may be shorted or, if places are combined, longer than stated. Please also consider the overall duration allowed by the Erasmus+ program.

Study possibilities

  • Undergraduate / Bachelor
  • Postgraduate / Master

Languages of instruction and requirements

  • English and/or French: B2

Information about studies

  • Academic calendar
  • Academic offer: follow the link to all training courses and restrict your search to the department of physics. See also their research-oriented study program in Sciences de la Matière, which offers a general and interdisciplinary approach in physics and/or chemistry.

Only for nominated students

After successful application at TUM and nomination by our department to the partner university, you may follow their application process within the corresponding deadline:

  • Autumn/winter term: May 15
  • Spring/summer term: November 15

Please let us know if information is outdated or incorrect by contacting Maria Eckholt.

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