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International degree students

All about studying at the TUM and living in Munich for international degree students. This goes from the selection of courses, learning German and the administrative as well as practical support from other TUM students to housing search, excursions and cultural program.

International studentsInternational students during a campus tour. The prerequisites and regulations for international degree students are the same as for any other regular student, but they receive extra support from us!

Requisites and application

Please check our site for applicants to find out more about the prerequisites and deadlines.

Overseas applicants

If you come from overseas, please consider that you will only be able to obtain your visa on time to come to Germany if you submit all your application documents well in advance the deadline. Furthermore, only students completing their enrollment on time are able to register for language courses (these fill up very quickly!) and obtain their student card early enough to gain access to all student services: public transportation, cafeteria, library, internet, sports, etc.

Selection of degree program

Our Physics Department offers one Bachelor's degree program, four Master's degree programs and a number of opportunities to conduct your doctoral studies. The adequate program for you will depend on your previous academic qualifications, your scientific interests and your language proficiency.

Table: Degree programs at the Physics Department of TUM
Degree program Required academic qualification Field of specialization Language of instruction
Bachelor Higher education entrance qualification Physics German
Master in Applied and Engineering Physics An undergraduate degree equivalent to our Bachelor's degree in physics Applied physics English
Master in Biophysics An undergraduate degree equivalent to our Bachelor's degree in physics Fundamental and applied topics in biophysics German
Master in Condensed Matter Physics An undergraduate degree equivalent to our Bachelor's degree in physics Fundamental and applied topics in condensed matter physics German
Master in Nuclear, Particle and Astrophysics An undergraduate degree equivalent to our Bachelor's degree in physics Fundamental and applied topics in nuclear, particle and astrophysics German
Doctorate A Master's degree or equivalent with an above average grade. International applicants have to go first through a recognition process! Any research area within the Physics Department English

If you are planning on doing your Master studies at TUM, you should have a look at our specialization courses (so-called special courses) and see that your interests are covered within the Master program you would like to apply for. Please be aware that the general courses and special courses catalogs contain current as well as past courses, which might not be offered any longer.

Financing your studies

Those who cannot fully afford their living costs in Munich during their studies can refer to the detailed information and contacts gathered in the TUM main website:

Information and advice on part-time jobs during your studies is given by the German national agency for internationalization of higher education (DAAD).

Although there are no tuition fees in Germany and only a small student union fee is applicable, do not conclude from this that studying in Germany is cheap. Assess well the resources at your disposal and look for qualified advice at the TUM Student Service Center and your nearest DAAD office.

Working during your studies

If you would like to take a student job to support yourself during your studies or experience the job market through an internship, there are several possibilities on Campus Garching and in Munich. However, we do not recommend you to start working during the first semester of your studies, as there are several things you will have to adapt to during that time.

In terms of research, you could take a student job e.g. either in a group of the Physics Department or at one of the Max Planck Institutes. Please have a look at the TUM black board or contact personally the professors in each institution.

For advice on internships in the industry sector, do refer to the carefully selected information and contacts from the TUM Career Service.

How much are you allowed to work?

International students who do not come from the EU or European Economic Area are in general only allowed to work 120 full or 240 half days in a year. International students who do not come from the EU cannot go self employed or work freelance!

German language courses

The TUM Language Center offers during the semester German language courses. International degree students are welcome to join, but do register well in advance in order to secure a place. The courses are free of charge, but they fill up very quickly!!! Check also their intensive language courses taking place during the semester breaks and if you have the opportunity, do not miss visiting a beginners German course in your home country before coming to Germany!

German Matters – Five Steps Towards Proficiency

Since 2015, the TUM Language Center offers a special program for international Master students: German matters. Within three semesters, complete beginners can reach an intermediate level in German, gain intercultural competence and participate in a fit for the job seminar. Solid German language skills facilitate your integration into the local social life and are key for a future career in or in connection with Germany, either in the industry sector or in academia. The program is free of charge and the number of places is limited, it has been designed avoiding interference with lectures or exam periods and allowing for internships and part-time jobs during the lecture free period. Application deadline for the winter semester is August 31.

Student initiatives and associations

Are you looking for hands-on experience that can help you in your future career? Do you want to give something back? Our students are highly involved in the student union (Fachschaft) and as student representatives on the faculty council and appointment commissions. They also contribute to the design of teaching and course contents. In addition, many extracurricular initiatives are run entirely by students or rely on their engagement and energy.

Living in Munich

To find appropriate accommodation in Munich can be very difficult, especially in October when the semester begins, and planning well in advance is insdispensable!!! The TUM Housing Search Assistance offers helpful tips and links to find accommodation (see their accommodation site for degree students) and has published a booklet Finding a new home in Munich (PDF, 1,2 MB) containing the most important information you need to have when looking for a place to live.

The Student Union Munich also offers information and advice on accommodation, finances and cultural life, including psychotherapeutic and psychosocial counselling as well as a protection service against sexual abuse and discrimination.

Discover Munich and its surroundings - while getting to know TUM students from around the world! International Campus Life has a variety of offers, mostly for international students. The program includes events organized by the TUM Global & Alumni Office as well as offers by the student association ESN TUMi München. All events can be found in the TUMi App.

TUM Center for Study and Teaching

The Center for Study and Teaching (CST) of TUM is an important starting point for prospective international students who want to attend TUM as degree-seeking. The CST has contact persons for issues such as:

  • Available degree programs at TUM and program orientation
  • University entrance qualification
  • Application and admission
  • Tuition fees, financing and scholarships
  • Housing

They gladly offer individual advice, in person or via telephone. For additional information on the CST and contacts check the main TUM website.

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