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Fellow program

Our mentoring program for physics exchange students, done by students.

Your first contact at TUM 340x192 PixelYour fellow is your first friend at TUM. Our fellow program matches physics exchange students with our current students (so-called fellows), to offer incoming students assistance in any questions regarding their studies at TUM as well as their stay in Munich and to help them feel at home as soon as possible. Our fellows are the first friends our exchange students have at TUM and a great opportunity to quickly enlarge their network.

Fellows and incoming exchange students can meet regularly. Beyond this, the department arranges a get-together right after the welcoming event for physics exchange students, where all the group can get to know each other.

Would you like to have a fellow?

Please register for the program by August 15 for the winter semester or by February 15 for the summer semester. Information about your academic interests, leisure activities and hobbies will be used to improve the matching. Your email address will be then shared with our fellows and other incoming exchange students.

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