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Extension of the Thesis’ Deadline

If it is impossible for you to meet the deadline to hand in your thesis due to a reason outside your responsibility, the examination board may grant an extension.

Extension due to illness

Have you been sick and thus unable to continue working on your Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis you may hand in a medical certificate at the Dean’s Office. From the doctor’s certificate it must be clear how long you were incapable to work. Usually a simple certificate of the attending physician is sufficient. The due date will be shifted accordingly.

Extension for other reasons

The examination boards take a very critical stance towards extensions of theses for other reasons. Only reasons clearly outside the area of accountability of the student may be accepted.

The formless request is to be filed by the supervisor of the thesis and must include the reasons and the specific duration of the extension. It needs to be sent to the Dean’s Office in the Physics Department sufficiently early before the original deadline. Please keep in mind that the examination boards are hesitant to approve extensions. This is especially in the interest of the students: Extensions for Bachelor’s Theses of more than two weeks or for Master’ Theses of more than for weeks are subject to a rigorous case-by-case review by the examination board.

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