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Spare parts for DAQ computers and PCs

Especially for older lab computers we keep a collection of tested second hand spare parts available:

  • PCI: SCSI and ATAPI controllers, parallel port cards, 10MBit / 100MBit network cards, USB cards, graphic cards
  • AGP: graphic cards with analog VGA and DVI
  • ISA: graphic cards, multi I/O cards
  • PCMCIA: SCSI, CD-RW, WLAN, USB, FireWire, network / modem

Also available are:

  • AT and. ATX power supplies
  • AT keyboards
  • IDE CD drives
  • SCSI CD drives
  • 3.5” / 5.25” floppy drives
  • serial mice
  • replacement mainboards with processor and memory

Our storage offers also a wide variety of accessories and replacement parts for current computer systems.

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