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Dr. rer. nat. Claudio Rolli

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Master/Bachelor thesis: Microfluidic development for biomedical applications

At the Biophysics department of the Technical University of Munich we develop a compact, mobile and fully automated liquid handling platform for biomedical research and diagnostics. With our innovative microfluidic-based technology we are preparing a university spin-off and aim at becoming an integral part of the smart biological laboratory of the future. 

We are offering an intern or thesis project for a PHYSICIST or BIOMEDICAL ENGINEER (or similar) with an interest in biomedical applications.

You should be interested in working in a highly interdisciplinary and dynamic environment. The project will include the following tasks:

-   Analyzing flow behavior in microfluidic channels

-   Programming of control software

-   Electronic design for sensor measurements and feedback control

-   Running biophysical experiments on cell dynamics using high resolution microscopy imaging and drug-response assays.


You can find more information about the project on our website:

Contact us if you are curious and eager to push forward innovative solutions in the field of life sciences and biomedical applications and to become part of an international and interdisciplinary team!

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  • Bachelorarbeit Physik
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