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M.Sc. Max Lamparth

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Fundamental Particle Physics at Low Energies
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Offered Bachelor’s or Master’s Theses Topics

Optimization and Test of a Drift-Calibration System for the PERC Experiment

The PERC experiment, currently under construction at the FRM II research reactor, will perform precision measurements of neutron beta decay in search of physics beyond the standard model of particle physics. Aiming to improve the current sensitivity level of neutron decay studies by about an order of magnitude, the experiment requires precise knowledge of the amplification and detection characteristics of its electron detectors. To achieve the desired level of accuracy, we employ a drift-calibration system that monitors the variations in amplification of the photomultiplier tubes used in the detectors. In this thesis, an existing prototype of the drift-calibration system shall be tested and optimized.


  • Acquire the necessary understanding of photodetectors (photomultiplier tubes, silicon photomultipliers) and learn how to use them.
  • Assemble the prototype system and test it under laboratory conditions.
  • Implement changes to the mechanical system, if necessary.
  • Optimize the control and read-out electronics.
  • Help to prepare the system for use in the PERC experiment.
suitable as
  • Bachelor’s Thesis Physics
Supervisor: Bastian Märkisch
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