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Ranking by subject: TUM among the world's best universities in physics

New issue of “QS World University Rankings by Subject”

2020-03-04 – News from the Physics Department

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) ranks among the world’s best 50 universities in 11 subjects and in five subjects is among the top 25. The physics department pushes TUM as best German university to global rank 17 in “Physics & Astronomy”. These are some of the results of the latest “QS World University Rankings by Subject”.

TUM physics scores particularly well in the new ranking. – Photo: Uli Benz / TUM

To compile its rankings, the British recruitment firm QS surveys companies and researchers on the quality of universities. It also analyzes the number of citations of scientific papers as a measure of their importance. The indicators are assigned weightings based on the culture of the various subject areas.

In the latest edition, TUM moved up in some fields and achieved the following rankings:

Subject global ranking ranking in Germany
Physics & Astronomy 17 1
Electrical Engineering 20 1
Agriculture & Forestry 23 3
Chemistry 23 1
Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering 25 2
Architecture 26 2
Materials Science 31 2
Computer Science & Information Systems 36 1
Chemical Engineering 45 3
Civil and Structural Engineering 47 1
Biological Sciences 48 3

If the survey asks for the broad subject area of Engineering & Technology, TUM ranks 25th worldwide, in Natural Sciences 28th. The issue of the “QS World University Rankings”, which shows overall ratings for universities and also takes other indicators into account, was already released in mid-2019. TUM holds the number 55 position, which makes it the top-ranked German university for the fifth consecutive year.

TUM also regularly achieves excellent results in other international university rankings. For example, TUM ranks number six worldwide in the “Global University Employability Ranking”, in which companies rate the quality of graduates, and holds the number seven position among “Europe’s Most Innovative Universities”.

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