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Bachelor-Absolventen – Jahrgang 2010/2011

Name Vorname Themensteller(in) Lehrstuhl/Institut Thema
Friedl Benedikt Böni E21 Temperature Dependent Doppler Broadening Spectroscopy with Monoenergetic Positrons
Hilker Timon Brandt E25 Broad-band detection of magnetic resonance with coplanar stripline antennas
Hinterstocker Michael Müller-Buschbaum E13 Characterization of Ternary Systems for Organic Photovoltaics
Koch Sebastian Finley WSI Exploiting inherent disorder in two-dimensional photonic crystals
Krisch Isabell Anna Müller-Buschbaum E13 Ordered Nanoporous Template from Block Copolymer thin Films
Schaff Florian Müller-Buschbaum E13 Structuring of nanoporous titania films for application in photovoltaics
Shen Xuhu Papadakis E13 Characterization of Amphiphilic Thermoresponsive Triblock Copolymer
Wiesinger Florian Kunze E19 Influence of carbothermal reduction on the electronic conductivity and the electrochemiacal behavior of anodic TiO2 films
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