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Ph.D. at the Physics Department 2016 – Event for young Ph.D. candidates on 5th of July 2016

On 5th of July 2016 the Faculty Graduate Center Physics organizes the event Ph.D. at the Physics Department with short but helpful seminars and workshops to make your life as new Ph.D. candidate easy and to answer common questions.

Program at 5th of July 2016 in Lecture Hall 3 in the Physics Department

In the morning session topics central for all Ph.D. candidates are discussed in talks of designated experts. Starting with good scientific practice to hands-on support in IT and the organisation of the Physics Department. The lecturers are chosen such that they are by their function qualified to answer questions on these topics in the future as well.

In the afternoon the possibility for networking with experienced Ph.D. candidates is followed by tailor-made workshops for the new teaching duties of the candidates. Both workshops are organised together with ProLehre on the topics "Supervision of students doing their thesis" and "First steps in teaching". Based on input from the experts on the field there will be plenty of time for critical discussion on the topics and opportunity for practical experience.

Please select one of the two workshops during registration.

If no other place is given, the events take place in Physics lecture hall 3. The talks and workshops are in English.

9:30 Welcome by the Speaker of the Faculty Graduate Center,
Prof. Reinhard Kienberger
9:35 Good scientific practice,
Prof. Georg Färber (Emeritus of Excellence)
Based on his experience as scientist, university professor and ombudsperson at TUM Prof. Färber gives precious insight in this important topic and may answer questions from the Ph.D. students from his practical experinces.
10:30 Break
10:45 The Physics Department,
PD Dr. Joachim Diener (Dean’s Assistant)
How is the faculty organised? What will change in the future (a new building?)? What central facilities are available to support science and teaching? Who may I ask on topics concerning my working contract?
11:15 IT at Physics Department,
Mareike Stoller-Häfele, Dr. Josef Homolka (IO)
The central information technology in the faculty offers numerous systems to support scientific work and can offer access to further TUM-central systems.
11:45 Lunch break
13:15 Representatives of the Ph.D. Candidates,
Schorsch Sauther M.Sc., Sindre Haugland M.Sc.
13:20 ProLehre,
Dr. Annette Spiekermann
13:25 Every day life of Ph.D. candidates,
Dipl.-Phys. Katharina Henneberg (Cellular Biophysics), Dipl.-Phys. Sebastian Wild (Th. Elementary Particle Physics), Steffen Säubert M.Sc. (FRM II), Ioannis Stasinopoulos M.Sc. (Physics of Functional Layers)
After short talks from their different positions of the experienced Ph.D. students you have the opportunity for direct, personal contact in small groups.
15:00 Supervising theses,
Matthias Fischer
How would you describe the tasks of a supervisor of Bachelor‘s or Master‘s theses? Is it enough to sign the application form at the beginning and to grade it at the end? When young scholars start their first supervisions, they often encounter many questions and challenges.
This workshop will give you the opportunity to discuss some of these challenges, such as the different roles and tasks of a supervisor at the different stages of a supervision. Based on your own experience, you will also get the opportunity to reflect with your colleagues on what could be fundamental factors of a successful thesis supervision.
First steps into teaching,
Dr. Annette Spiekermann
How does learning work? What do students have to do in order to learn new concepts, facts, applications… efficiently and sustainably? And what can I do as a university lecturer to support the individual learning process?
The workshops focuses on fundamental aspects of learning and cognition research and offers ample opportunity for transfer into each participant´s teaching practice in the physics department. Special attention will be given to young researchers facing challenges when for the first time acting in the role(s) of lecturer and/or examiner.


Please register until 30th of June 2016 using the registration system (login using your TUM account). After registration you may use the same link to cancel your registration or change the choice of your workshop for the afternoon.

Due the the "direct track" possibilities this course is interesting for Master level students during their research phase as well.

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