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Mentoring Program for Physics Students in the First Years

Especially during times of contact restrictions the Physics Department’s faculty tries to reach out to our students for personal contacts.

Contact in the Department

For a small group of students the mentor serves as contact for Physics-related questions on the curriculum or any other non-Physics problems in the department or the university. All students in the first or third semester of the B.Sc. program in Physics may choose a mentor from the professors at the Physics Department.

Meet and Greet

In the beginning of 2021 all mentors organise a meet & greet (due to the current situation mostly virtual). The dates are usually listed at the registration. Subsequent meetings are organised individually between mentors and students.

Registration via TUMonline

Registration to the Mentoring Program for Physics Students starts am 2020-12-21 till 2021-01-06. You may apply for any mentor. If some mentors are selected more often than there are places you are randomly assigned to one of your selected groups at 2021-01-07.

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