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Coronavirus: Aktuelles zu Studium, Lehre und Prüfungen

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Repetition of exams (as of May 10, 2020)

May 16, 2020:

Registration for GOP exams canceled in WS 2019/20 is possible in TUMonline (registration deadline is about a week before the date). Please read the special conditions for participation in written exams during the CoViD-19 pandemic.

MA9201 Mathematik für Physiker 1 (Lineare Algebra)
05.06.2020, 08:15, Campus Garching
PH0001 Experimentalphysik 1
08.06.2020, 08:15, Campus Garching
MA9202 Prüfung zu Mathematik für Physiker 2 (Analysis 1)
12.06.2020, 10:45, Campus Garching

May 10, 2020: The TUM handouts for conducting oral and written presence tests during the CoViD-19 pandemic in compliance with all protection and hygiene measures have now been completed. With this, the faculties can begin to schedule the failed retake exams from the winter semester 2019/20, which are to be made up for in the summer semester.

The basic points for participating in presence tests during the CoViD 19 pandemic can be found on the corresponding TUM information page. Please only register for an exam if you convinced to take it after reading the information.

The Faculty of Physics plans the following procedure:

Written exams GOP1 (PH1 / AN1 / LA)

Three exam dates  - probably Fr. (5.6.), Mo. (8.6.) And Fr. (12.6).

Registration for these exams is voluntary. Whoever registers for the exam, however, is subject to the GOP regulation. All other GOP1 candidates will be compulsorily registered for the exams following WS 20/21. The (virtual) course of lectures for the second semester is reduced somewhat during the examination period (individual regulation by the lecturers) - possibility to catch up on the material, e.g. in the "Overtime SS2020". The GOP2 exams at the end of SS2020 will be scheduled a little later. It will be possible to register for the exams in TUMonline in the course of the coming week. We will inform you about this again separately on this page.

Further written exams

We are also trying to offer dates in June. Also in this cases participation and registration via TUMonline is voluntary. Alternatively, please refer to the next regular dates at the end of WS 20/21.

Oral exams

We are trying to offer the failed exams gradually in June. Further information is available on this page or via the usual way via TUMonline.

Study progress control

Furthermore, the study progress control in SS2020 is suspended. Furthermore, the study progress control in SS2020 is suspended. Students who won't or will not be able to take advantage of the repeat offer, will not experience any disadvantage in this regard

04/30/2020: We still need to be patient for planning the exam. Only when the comprehensive health and hygiene guidelines to be observed have been drawn up by the University Presidium, face-to-face exams can take place again. We're in the starting blocks ...

04/22/2020: In accordance with the measures of the state government published on April 16, 2020 as part of the Bavarian Corona Strategy, TUM is making efforts to make it possible again to take exams in personal mode. Implementation details are currently being worked out. The Faculty of Physics is determined to give you the opportunity to make up for failed exams as soon as possible, if the general conditions allow. You should therefore expect that the first small oral exams can take place in 14 days. Planning the larger exams will likely take some time. We will inform you here.

Processing of theses (as of April 30, 2020)

The severely restricted operations ended with the expiry of 20. April 2020. However, restrictions regarding physical contact and essential preventive health measures will remain in place. In the course of this easing, our research groups have started their first activities. If you are interested in continuing or starting your thesis, please contact your supervisor to clarify whether the specific circumstances allow this in individual cases. In accordance with the explanations in the following paragraphs, we would like to explicitly state here again that there is currently no general (audit law) obligation to conduct final theses in person

Failed exams (as of April 22, 2020)

With regard to the progress of studies, the most recent failures in examinations are regarded as reasons for which the students are not responsible. The basis for any action in the Faculty of Physics is the premise that students should not be disadvantaged by the crisis in terms of examination law.

In particular:

  • Until the repeat exams are taken, there will definitely be no student deregistered from the GOP regulation!
  • The study progress control at the end of WS19 / 20 is suspended, ie no student will be de-registered due to this regulation. We will decide which measures are to be taken later in individual cases, also in the context of the specific repetition options

Courses in SS 2020 (as of April 19, 2020)

The lectures in the summer semester 2020 will start next Monday, April 20, 2020. The lecture period was formally extended until August 7, 2020, in order to optionally intercept unforeseeable developments and, if necessary, to be able to offer courses up to this point in time - however, this has not yet been specified. As there will be no classroom instruction in lecture halls, seminar rooms or laboratories until further notice, your lecturers have worked intensively over the past two weeks to provide you with alternative online offers. Simply register for your courses in TUMonline to receive information on the specific structure (e.g. in the Moodle course or via the links stored in TUMonline). We are confident that in that way you will be able to study in the coming summer semester without too much restriction.

Events that are dependent on presence, such as Internships, unfortunately have to be postponed until face-to-face operations are possible again. We will inform you about the respective planning status on this page or on the relevant internship pages in due course.

Thesis Submission via Postal Mail / extension of submission deadline (as of April 19, 2020)

Submission of Bachelor's or Master's Theses can currently be done via mail. Check the remarks on this at the respective status page (Access for Students with current B.Sc. Thesis or Access for Students with current research phase in a Physics Master's program) and after uploading the digital copy.

If due to this conditions you cannot meet your deadline, please contact  You can assume that, if necessary, extensions will be approved without any problems, at least for the period of the "lockouts" (in addition to the "standard quota").

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