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Cryogenic Media and Gases

We supply the Physics Department of the Technical University Munich with technical gases, liquid nitrogen (LN2) and liquid helium (LHe).

For this purpose, the ZKV maintains a gas storage and a fleet of LN2 and LHe dewars. The Helium recovery system and the main LNtan run by the Technischer Betrieb Garching are used and monitored by the ZKV.


Name, Surname
(0049 89 289 +)
Hetzl, Herbert 12605 1026 herbert.hetzl main contact person
Neukel, Thomas 12412 2301 tneukel vacation replacement
Wilde, Marc, Dr. 12420 2029 marc.wilde management, helium recovery, safety and organization


Physik 1 room no. 1026 
Physik 1 room no. 1045 
empty gas bottle return:
on ramp outsid next to room no. 1045

opening hours

Mon.-Thu. 8-12am and 1-4pm
Fri. 8-12am


Technische Universität München
Physik-Department ZKV
James Franck-Straße 1
85748 Garching

phone.: +49 89 289-12605
Fax: +49 89 289-12825
e-mail: or

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