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Dr. Elena Gubanova

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Physics of Energy Conversion and Storage
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In-situ Electrochemical Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Spectroscopy for Battery Systems
In this project, EPR spectroscopy will be used in combination with cyclic voltammetry and impedance spectroscopy for the characterization of electrified solid/solid and solid/liquid interfaces. As most issues of the so-called all-solid-state Li-ion batteries originate from the solid electrolyte-lithium interface, the changes of bulk and thin lithium metal anodes will be investigated. Further, within a solid/liquid system, the EPR will be applied to study the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) mechanism on the Pt and/or Pd electrodes. The detection of paramagnetic intermediates by EPR in the electrolyte or at the surface of the catalyst will help to understand which intermediates are involved in the HER. The contact person is Dr. Elena Gubanova, e-mail:
suitable as
  • Master’s Thesis Applied and Engineering Physics
Supervisor: Aliaksandr Bandarenka
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