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Oxidische Heterostrukturen für Experimente mit reinen Spinströmen

Pure spin currents are generated and/or detected via the spin Hall and inverse spin Hall effect in heavy metals. These two effects crucially depend on the magnitude of the spin-orbit interaction. The goal of this thesis is to investigate the spin Hall physics in oxide systems, where large spin orbit interaction is prevailing like in the transition metal oxides. In particular, the realization of epitaxial multilayers of a spin Hall active material and a magnetically ordered insulator are a major task of this research project. Such all-oxide epitaxial structures are of current interest to better understand the underlying physics of pure spin current transport in heterostructures.

We are looking for an enthusiastic master student to work on this pure spin current physics related project. A crucial part of the thesis is the growth of oxide multilayers using laser-MBE under in-situ growth monitoring. The properties of these multilayers will then be investigated by structural, magnetic and magnetotransport techniques. As a next step, the tunability of relevant spin transport properties via the growth conditions will be analyzed

suitable as
  • Master’s Thesis Condensed Matter Physics
  • Master’s Thesis Applied and Engineering Physics
  • Master’s Thesis Quantum Science & Technology
Supervisor: Rudolf Gross
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