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Dr. Mark Kartsovnik

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Technische Physik
WMI, Zimmer 132 (1. OG)

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Magnetische Quantenoszillationen in dem antiferromagnetischen Supraleiter kappa-(BETS)2FeBr4

One of the challenging goals in modern materials science is the rational design of multifunctional molecular compounds that combine technologically useful features such as electrical conductivity and magnetism. A promising strategy is to create hybrid organic/inorganic crystals comprising two functional sublattices exhibiting distinct properties. Recently, several compounds have been synthesized in which the metallic conductivity is provided by organic layers sandwiched between inorganic layers responsible for magnetic ordering. The goal of the present Master thesis is to inverstigate the interplay between the magnetic and conducting subsystems in the organic superconductor k-(BETS)2FeBr4 in vicinity of the antiferromagnetic quantum phase transition. Quantum oscillations of magnetization and interlayer resistivity in strong magnetic fields will be used to probe the electronic properties of this material.

Techniques: Strong magnetic fields; magnetotransport; magnetic torque; cryogenic (liquid 4He and 3He) techniques.

Physics: Electronic correlations; magnetic quantum oscillations; antiferromagnetism.


geeignet als
  • Masterarbeit Physik der kondensierten Materie
Themensteller(in): Rudolf Gross
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