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Dr. Mark Kartsovnik

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Technical Physics
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WMI, Zimmer 132 (1. OG)

Offered Bachelor’s or Master’s Theses Topics

High-field magnetotransport in an organic superconductor in proximity to the spin-liquid state

A member of the k-(ET)2X family to be studied in this Master thesis exhibits a novel state of matter, quantum spin liquid at ambient pressure. Under a moderate pressure of about 3 kbar the material becomes metallic and superconducting. The aim of the work is to trace the evolution of the conducting system, particularly, of correlation effects, in close proximity to the superconductor-insulator phase boundary. The intrinsic properties of charge carriers will be probed by high-field magnetoresistance effects with the focus on magnetic quantum oscillations. A part of the experiments will be done at the European Magnetic Field Laboratory in steady fields up to 30 T or in pulsed fields up to 80 T.

Physics: Correlated electron systems; magnetic quantum oscillations; unconventional superconductivity.

Techniques: Strong magnetic fields; high pressures; cryogenic (liquid 4He; 3He; dilution fridge) techniques; high-precision magnetoresistance measurements.

Contact person:  Mark Kartsovnik (

suitable as
  • Master’s Thesis Condensed Matter Physics
Supervisor: Rudolf Gross
Interaction between magnetic and conducting layers in molecular antiferromagnetic superconductors

Hybrid materials combining nontrivial conducting and magnetic properties are of high current interest, especially in the context of potential spintronic applications. The organic charge transfer salts (BETS)2FeX4 with X = Cl, Br provide perfect natural structures of conducting and magnetic layers alternating on the single-molecule level. Our project is aimed at a quantitative study of the interaction between the two subsystems and of the role of the subtle structural modifications in this family. To this end, high-precision measurements of quantum oscillations in the electrical resistance and magnetization will be carried out on single crystals of these compounds under strong magnetic fields. The results will be analyzed in terms of electronic correlation and magnetic interaction effects.

Physics: Correlated electronic systems; magnetic ordering and superconductivity; magnetic quantum oscillations.

Techniques: Strong magnetic fields; magnetotransport; magnetic torque; cryogenic (liquid 4He and 3He) techniques.

Contact person:  Mark Kartsovnik (

suitable as
  • Master’s Thesis Condensed Matter Physics
Supervisor: Rudolf Gross
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