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M.Sc. Maximilian Delto

Offered Bachelor’s or Master’s Theses Topics

One-jettiness soft function at NNLO in QCD

Computation of QCD corrections to LHC cross-sections usually requires to understand the structure of infra-red divergences. These obstructions appear both in so-called virtual and real corrections and require dedicated methods (e.g. “slicing methods”) to handle them and obtain finite expressions for numerical simulations. Infra-red divergences can be shown to factorise universally and the goal of the project is to analytically compute one of the ingredients which enter these general factorisation formulas, the so-called one-jettiness soft function. This function describes the contributions of soft radiation to cross sections at hadron colliders for processes with one jet and is an important ingredient for the jettiness slicing method. Technically, the computation of the required integrals can be tackled using advanced multi-loop techniques such as integration-by-parts and the method of differential equations.

suitable as
  • Master’s Thesis Nuclear, Particle, and Astrophysics
Supervisor: Lorenzo Tancredi
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