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M.Sc. Jianpeng Chen

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Technical Physics

Offered Bachelor’s or Master’s Theses Topics

Quench protection for a superconducting magnet
The generation of magnetic fields with electrical currents is deployed in multiple systems, such as generators, motors, MRI systems, up to particle accelerators and fusion reactors. In laboratory, we use superconducting magnets, which allow to generate magnetic fields at cryogenic conditions to manipulate the electronic spin transitions of paramagnetic ions. However, superconducting magnets may undergo a spontaneous transition into the normal state - a so-called quenching process. Such event would result in the generation of a large thermal energy, which is increasing with the size of the magnet. Such amount of thermal energy is enormous for a magnet placed in a cryostat below 4K. Solutions allowing to protect the magnet in case of a quench are called quench protection circuits. In this project, you are offered to develop a quench protection circuit for an existing superconducting magnet. During the project you will learn about cryogenics, the generation of magnetic fields, superconducting magnets and design of electrical circuits. We are looking for a highly motivated bachelor student joining this project. During this project you will work in an international team at Walther-Meißner-Institute.
suitable as
  • Bachelor’s Thesis Physics
Supervisor: Rudolf Gross
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