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Experimental Astro-Particle Physics

Prof. Lothar Oberauer

Research Field

Neutrino Physics

  • LENA - Low Energy Neutrino Astronomy
  • Borexino
  • DoubleChooz
  • CNNS - Coherent Neutrino Nucleus Scattering
  • GERDA - Search for neutrino-less double beta decay

Dark Matter Search

  • CRESST - Cryogenic Rare Event Search with Superconducting Thermometers
  • CRESST Scattering Experiment at the Maier-Leibnitz Laboratorium
  • EURECA - European Dark Matter Search
  • Experiments on liquified rare gases


James-Franck-Str. 1/I
85748 Garching b. München

Members of the Research Group




Other Staff


Course with Participations of Group Members

Current and Finished Theses in the Group

Detector Characterization and Pulse Shape Analysis for a Prototype Large Volume Proportional Counter for the Radon Monitoring in Gaseous Nitrogen in the JUNO Experiment and the OSIRIS Predetector Facility
Abschlussarbeit im Bachelorstudiengang Physik
Themensteller(in): Lothar Oberauer
Interferometric Observations of the Luminous Blue Variable HR Carinae
Abschlussarbeit im Masterstudiengang Physik (Kern-, Teilchen- und Astrophysik)
Themensteller(in): Lothar Oberauer
Messung der Lebensdauer und Bildungswahrscheinlichkeit von Orthopositronium im THEIA-Flüssigszintillator
Abschlussarbeit im Bachelorstudiengang Physik
Themensteller(in): Lothar Oberauer
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