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Soft Matter Physics

Prof. Christine Papadakis

Research Field

The Soft Matter Physics Group investigates the structure, dynamics and kinetics of nanostructured polymer systems, e.g. amphiphilic and switchable block copolymers, thin polymer films, as well as polymers for medical applications. We mainly use scattering methods both at large facilities and in the lab.


James-Franck-Str. 1/I
85748 Garching b. München

Members of the Research Group


Photo von Prof. Christine Papadakis. Prof. Dr. Christine Papadakis 283 +49 89 289-12447 E-Mail


Photo von Carola Kappauf. Carola Kappauf +49 89 289-14627 E-Mail
Photo von Marion Waletzki. Marion Waletzki 282 +49 89 289-12452 E-Mail


Photo von Pablo Alvarez Herrera. M.Sc. Pablo Alvarez Herrera +49 89 289-12463 E-Mail
Photo von Bahar Yazdanshenas B.Sc. M.Sc.. M.Sc. Bahar Yazdanshenas +49 89 289-12463 E-Mail
Photo von Peiran Zhang M.Sc.. M.Sc. Peiran Zhang +49 89 289-12463 E-Mail
Photo von Feifei Zheng B.Sc. M.Sc.. M.Sc. Feifei Zheng +49 89 289-12463 E-Mail


Photo von Johannes Allwang B.Sc.. B.Sc. Johannes Allwang E-Mail
Photo von Luke Jatho. Luke Jatho E-Mail
Photo von Wenqi Xu B.Sc.. B.Sc. Wenqi Xu E-Mail
Photo von Watsapon Yimkaew M.Sc.. M.Sc. Watsapon Yimkaew E-Mail

Other Staff

Photo von Florian Jung M.Sc.. Dr. Florian Jung E-Mail
Photo von Rungarune Saymung M.Sc.. M.Sc. Rungarune Saymung +49 89 289-12463 E-Mail
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