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Manfred Kleber honored as ‘Outstanding Referee’ of APS

Nachrichten aus dem Physik-Department – 2014-02-04

Professor Manfred Kleber, professor emeritus for theoretical physics at Physik-Department, is among the 142 Outstanding Referees of the Physical Review and Physical Review Letters journals, as chosen by the journal editors for 2014.

Professor Manfred Kleber [1]

Manfred Kleber has worked in different fields of physics. Although he formally retired in 2007, he is still very active as “TUM Emeritus of Excellence”. Currently he is working on laser and radiation physics. Furthermore, he is dedicated to teaching and enjoys lecturing prospective teachers.

Initiated in 2008, the Outstanding Referee program expresses appreciation for the essential work that anonymous peer reviewers do for the journals of the American Physical Society (APS). Physical Review and Physical Review Letters are among the most esteemed journals in the world of physics.

Each year a small fraction of about 150 referees out of a total of 48 000 active referees is honored with the Outstanding Referee designation. Selections are made based on the number, quality, and timeliness of referee reports as collected in a database over the last 25 years.

Dr. Johannes Wiedersich
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