Teaching Participation and Departmental Duty System

The teaching participation of Ph.D. students at the Physics Department is organised in a flexible point system for the different duties.

The duty system was moved to this server for the WS 2015/6. With this there were introduced minor changes.

Ph. D. students

Integral part of a Ph. D. at the Physics Department is the participation of all Ph. D. students in the education of undergraduate students e. g. within tutorials and lab courses. According to an agreement of the departmental faculty board ("kollegiale Leitung") each Ph. D. student participates in the teaching duties according to the percentage of her/his contract regardless of the specific funding source. This participation in the teaching at the Physics Department ensures the inclusion in the academic environment at the Physics Department of TUM as required by the qualification programs of TUM GS.

Teaching participation of Ph. D. students is administrated within a flexible point system at the Physics Department (see below). The point values of most of the duties is adjusted such that Ph.D. students on "Landesstellen" regularly fulfill their teaching duties according to LUFV. But be aware that the duty system sometimes assigns points to jobs which are not assigned any teaching hours by LUFV.

The appropriate participation in the duty system is internal requirement for the final Ph. D. exam.

You may find your current saldo of the duty systems account in section Duties Account.

Other scientific staff members

Other scientific staff members, who are not on the Ph. D. candidacy list and do not seek inclusion therin, regularly have a requirement for participation in teaching activities (in teaching hours according to LUFV) with an amount givin in the work contract. Each semester the fulfillment of this teaching duty needs to be reported to the Dean in a separat process.

Hence in contrast to Ph. D. students for these other staff members participation in the departmental duties system is not required. They may use the system to get an overview over their teaching activities in their account letting their secretary enter all their teaching activities. The duties system account may be a basis for the separate report to the Dean.

You may find your current saldo of the duty systems account in section Duties Account if your secretary keeps your account up to date.

Procedure and point targets for Ph. D. students

The individual point target for every Ph. D. student is booked in the account by the system (synchronisation takes place at 15th and last day of each month) and van then be edited by the secretaries. Should you suspect a mistake here please check with the secretary of your group directly. For Ph. D. students with a supervisor outside Physics Department with no association to a group within the Physics Department administration is done by the Dean’s Office.

The point target is derived from the percentage of the contract regardless of the specific funding source. A 50% position here is equivalent to 1000 departmental duty points per semester.

Differing from this rule the point target for so-called "external Ph. D. students" is 2000 departmental duty points once for the total time of their Ph. D. studies. These include

  1. Ph. D. students with a supervisor outside the Physics Department (e. g. a honorary professor at a Max-Planck Institute),
  2. Ph. D. students supervised by a member of the Physics Department but doing their work (almost) completely at an external institution and
  3. Ph. D. students funded exclusively by a stipend.

Departmental Duty Jobs

The list of possible departmental duty jobs is given below. Other jobs, which for example only concern the own group (e. g. organization of a group seminar) or which are not part of the teaching activities at the Physics Department (e. g. IT administration), cannot be accounted for. In the same way teaching activities in other departments or universities are not departmental duties.

In general teaching and exam activities for the modules are organized within the groups of the respective lecturers. For the large courses, that are coordinated centrally, there is the Page for planning of the teaching activities.

Lectures and Exercises

Duty JobPoints
Break Course (1 day): Giving a semester break course including preparation and tutoring repetition and exercises of course contents 240 (especially one week/complete course: 1200)
Homework Correction: Marking of homework solutions handed in by students within a respective module 6
Seminar Tutoring (1 presentation): Supervision of a student in a student seminar included in a study program 100
Tutorial (1-hour course): Preparation for the exercise (e.g. participation in the seminar for tutors, working through the exercise solutions provided) and giving the tutorial 36 (especially one 90-minute slot: 72; complete semester with 1 SWS: 504; complete semester with 2 SWS: 1008; complete semester with 3 SWS: 1512; complete semester with 4 SWS: 2016; complete semester with 5 SWS: 2520; complete semester with 6 SWS: 3024)
Teaching Assistant (1 exercise sheet/1 week): Preparation and composition of an exercise sheet or a test exam in cooperation with the lecturer, coordination of the tutors, preparation of solutions, publication of exercise sheets and solutions to the students 100 (especially complete semester: 1400)
Lecture (1-hour course): Stand-in for one lecture 36 (especially one 90-minute slot: 72)


Duty JobPoints
Bachelor’s Thesis: Co-Supervision of a Bachelor’s Thesis in the Bachelor’s program Physics 500
Exam Supervision: Supervision of a written exam 50
Exam Inspection: Tutoring of students at the inspection into the corrected exams 50
Exam Correction: Correction of a single exam solution within a written module exam 14
Exam Preparation: Compilation of problems for a module exam (not test exams or such) together with the examiner, preparation of exam solutions, coordination of room and seating planning before the exam and exam correction and inspection afterwards, entering of exam results into TUMonline 300
Correction of a test exam: Correction of a single test exam solution within a module 14
Exam Observer: Observer and protocol for an oral exam 30

Lab Courses

Duty JobPoints
Supervision of a Demonstration Lab Course (1 course): Tutoring of one group in the demonstration lab course at all dates of a course/semester 1000
Supervision of a Basic Lab (1 group): Supervision of a student group in the basic lab course for Physics, MW or LCh or the electronics lab course 100 (especially complete course in AP/MW/LCh: 600; complete semester electronics lab course: 1000)
Supervision of an Advanced Lab (1 group): Supervision of a student group in an advanced lab course experiment 170
Supervision of a Lab Course at WZW (1 course): Tutoring of one group in the lab course at WZW at all dates of a course and first correction of the final lab exam 1000
Coordination of a Lab Course at WZW (1 course): Coordination and supervision of the lab tutors in a lab course at WZW. Second correction of the final lab exam. Usually in addition to the tutoring of one group. 2000
Design and Set-Up of a New Advanced Lab Course Experiment: Sophisticated design and set-up of a new advanced lab course experiment with support of the Lab Course Panel. 1

Offers for Highschool Students

Duty JobPoints
Lab Visit by School (1 group): Guidance of a students or visitors group in a lab tour after registration via Physics Department 70
Projects for Highschool Students: One day tutoring of a group of highschool students within a school program of the Physics Department (Scientist for a Day). 170

Discount for special duty jobs

In special cases a discount is given on singular duty jobs.

For the WS 2016/7 the following table summarizes the discounts granted by the Dean of Studies.

discountaffected courses/examspercentage
Mobility Discount WZW (first-contact week): Due to the extended time necessary to travel to the WZW a discount is added to duties in tutorials for Experimental Physics during First-Contact week for WZW.
  • VU: 0000004090 - Physik-Vorkurs für Studierende am WZW (Petermeier, Rohr)
Mobility Discount WZW (exam): Due to the extended time necessary to travel to the WZW a discount is added to duties in supervision and inspection of the exams in Experimental Physics for WZW.
  • PH9012 - Prüfung zu Experimentalphysik 2 (WZW)
  • PH9011 - Prüfung zu Experimentalphysik 1 (WZW)
Mobility Discount WZW (tutorial): Due to the extended time necessary to travel to the WZW a discount is added to duties in tutorials for Experimental Physics for WZW.
  • VU: 0000000028 - Experimentalphysik 1 für WZW (Iglev)

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