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English - Guided English Self-Study C1

Module SZ0462

This Module is offered by TUM Language Center.

This module handbook serves to describe contents, learning outcome, methods and examination type as well as linking to current dates for courses and module examination in the respective sections.

Basic Information

SZ0462 is a semester module in English language at Bachelor’s level and Master’s level which is offered irregularly.

This module description is valid to SS 2021.

Total workloadContact hoursCredits (ECTS)
60 h 0 h 2 CP

Content, Learning Outcome and Preconditions


Participants contract to complete 30 hours of supplementary language work related to regular course work of 30 hours completed in English using Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) such, or

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of the module, students will have acquired language skills to aid them in their regular course work; they will have developed spoken and written accuracy and range of vocabulary around specified topic areas; developed fluency in interactive communication in English through guided and free discussion of issues related to topic areas; be able to deliver information and opinions in their area of studies more effectively. They will also be able torecognize and avoid typical English mistakes.


Ability to begin work at the C1 level of the GER or higher as evidenced by a score between 60 and 80 percent on the placement test at

Courses, Learning and Teaching Methods and Literature

Learning and Teaching Methods

Communicative and skills oriented treatment of topics documented by means of a digital portfolio.


Instructor conferences, handouts, use of online learning platform such as and a MOOC of student’s choice.


To be recommended as needed.

Module Exam

Description of exams and course work

This module will be graded on written texts which demonstrate an ability to express the ideas presented in online courses in their fields of study. The will submit multiple drafts of summaries, using the revision process as a means of developing mastery of rhetorical conventions suitable for an academic audience. Regular asynchronous interaction with language advisor and documentation of assignments showing improvement over multiple drafts work completed are required to achieve a grade of passing. 2 ECTS Credits.
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