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English - Academic Presentation Skills C2

Module SZ0428

This Module is offered by TUM Language Center.

This module handbook serves to describe contents, learning outcome, methods and examination type as well as linking to current dates for courses and module examination in the respective sections.

Module version of WS 2015/6 (current)

There are historic module descriptions of this module. A module description is valid until replaced by a newer one.

Whether the module’s courses are offered during a specific semester is listed in the section Courses, Learning and Teaching Methods and Literature below.

available module versions
WS 2015/6WS 2012/3

Basic Information

SZ0428 is a semester module in English language at Bachelor’s level and Master’s level which is offered irregularly.

This module description is valid to SS 2020.

Total workloadContact hoursCredits (ECTS)
90 h 30 h 3 CP

Content, Learning Outcome and Preconditions


This course allows students to practice and improve ability to carry out formal speaking tasks in English such as a class presentation, dissertation defense or conference talk.

Learning Outcome

After completion of this module students can understand with increased ease virtually everything heard or read; they can summarize information from different spoken and written sources, reconstructing arguments and accounts in a coherent presentation, and they can express themselves spontaneously very fluently and precisely, differentiating finer shades of meaning even in more complex situations.


Ability to begin work at the C2 level as evidenced by a placement test score of at least 75 percent.

Courses, Learning and Teaching Methods and Literature

Learning and Teaching Methods

This course makes use of video-taping and classroom evaluation to help students develop their public speaking skill and uses a variety of training techniques such as extemporaneous speaking and PechaKucha to hone specific skills.


Text material, online platform, video taping


Silyn-Roberts, Heather. (2000) Writing for Science and Engineering: Papers, Presentations and Reports. Butterworth Heinemann Publishers. ISBN 0-7506-4636-5.

Reinhart, Susan (2002) Giving Academic Presentations. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. ISBN 0-472-08884.

Module Exam

Description of exams and course work

Grades for video-taped oral presentations (including handouts and visual aids) in which students demonstrate ability to communicate in formal public speaking contexts serving a variety of rhetorical purposes such as describing, explaining, persuading or analyzing contribute equally to the final course grade.
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