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Engineering Management

Modul EI7635

Dieses Modul wird durch Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik bereitgestellt.

Diese Modulbeschreibung enthält neben den eigentlichen Beschreibungen der Inhalte, Lernergebnisse, Lehr- und Lernmethoden und Prüfungsformen auch Verweise auf die aktuellen Lehrveranstaltungen und Termine für die Modulprüfung in den jeweiligen Abschnitten.


EI7635 ist ein Semestermodul in Englisch auf Master-Niveau das im Wintersemester angeboten wird.

Die Gültigkeit des Moduls ist von WS 2014/5 bis SS 2016.

GesamtaufwandPräsenzveranstaltungenUmfang (ECTS)
150 h 45 h 5 CP

Inhalte, Lernergebnisse und Voraussetzungen


This lecture deals with the managerial tasks of an engineer. In particular, it tries to build a bridge to industry. Main topics: 1-ICT Industry and its processes (e.g. goals of an enterprise, challenges of the world market, business processes, strategy process); 2-Products and their life cycle (e.g. value chain, success factors, patents/IPR-managemment, standards); 3-Business opportunities (e.g. management of ideas, BOS-process, business plan, rapid prototyping); 4-Product management (e.g. tasks of a Product manager, portfolio, innovation, trends/technological forecasting); 5-Development and market introduction (e.g. processes involved, synchronisation points, complexity, agility, fault handling, service tasks, product evolution); 6-Project Management (e.g. project planning and control, risk management, SCRUM, productivity, contracts); 7-People Management (e.g. working group vs. team; effectivity, motivation); 8-Quality Management (e.g. Quality assurance, Q-model, quality costs, quality management system and its certification, total quality management, EFQM). For the tutorial problems/case sudies related to the lecture have to be solved. The two best will be presented by the authors (15-20 min). Feedback is given also regading the presentation.


The student shall know how in principle a typical enterprise functions, what is essential for the success of ICT-products on the market and why processes are so important today. He shall have acquired basic skills to manage products, projects and quality.


No requirements. Some weeks of work in an enterprise are of course helpful to understand the relevance of the issues discussed.

Lehrveranstaltungen, Lern- und Lehrmethoden und Literaturhinweise

Lehrveranstaltungen und Termine

Lern- und Lehrmethoden

Lerning method:
In addition to the individual methods of the students, consolidated knowledge is acquired by repetion at the beginning of each lecture, questions, exercises and the preparation of the tutorial.

Teaching method:
During the lectures students are instructed in a teacher-centered style with a lot of interactions. The tutorial is held in a student-centered way.


The following kinds of media are used:
- Presentations (ppt)
- Lecture notes (pdf)
- Video clips (occationally)


The following literature is recommended:
- Journal IEEE on Engineering Management
- Edward Russel-Walling, 50 management ideas you really need to know
- G Stalk, T M Hout, Competing against time


Beschreibung der Prüfungs- und Studienleistungen

Examination with the following elements:
- Written examination (85% weight)
- 2 Homeworks are offered, at least one has to be returned. The best homework has a weight of 15% in the grading.

The written exam serves to prove, whether the student is able to explain important terms, has a holistic understanding of the topics presented in the lectures and is able to handle easy cases (typical business situations).

The homework serves to prove whether the student is able to solve a case study and to present his results to the plenum.


Eine Wiederholungsmöglichkeit wird im Folgesemester angeboten.

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