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Agile project management hands-on

Module CLA11216

This Module is offered by Academic Programs WTG.

This module handbook serves to describe contents, learning outcome, methods and examination type as well as linking to current dates for courses and module examination in the respective sections.

Basic Information

CLA11216 is a semester module in English language at Bachelor’s level and Master’s level which is offered irregular.

This Module is included in the following catalogues within the study programs in physics.

  • Catalogue of soft-skill courses
Total workloadContact hoursCredits (ECTS)
30 h 15 h 1 CP

Content, Learning Outcome and Preconditions


The workshop teaches all the necessary skills for the early stages of a project. Starting with the basics of B2B sales, you will learn how to communicate the specifics of your company at the best or service the potential customer. Then you will learn how to properly create a functional specification document and convince the potential customer with a good concept and an attractive offer.
How does a company become a potential customer? Which sales skills are to be considered especially in B2B? What is important in professional communication to a company? What is important to consider in the requirements analysis? How do I define the milestones and goals of the project? How do I turn this into a concrete offer?
These and many other questions will be addressed in the two-day workshop by sales and project managers from Motius. Due to the interdisciplinary focus of Motius on projects in the fields of electrical engineering, computer science and mechanical engineering, we are able to react flexibly to unusual situations. This practical knowledge we pass on to you. Being founders as students ourselves, we are sensitive to the subtleties of communication.

Learning Outcome

After successful participation in this module, students are able to understand the basics of technical project sales and are able to work with techniques of professional communication. Furthermore, participants have the knowledge of preparing project plans and quotations and applying basics of practical project management in the context of a proposal preparation.


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Courses, Learning and Teaching Methods and Literature

Courses and Schedule

Learning and Teaching Methods

(1) First, the theoretical basics are taught. You will learn what is required for an offer and professional acquisition. You will be able to apply the knowledge directly using examples from everyday life at Motius. At the end of the day, you will be given a real-life example to work on. Within one week you will write an offer for the project in small teams.
(2) After the teams have presented their proposal, they will get detailed feedback. Then the basics of the project setup (project plan, distribution of tasks and roles, project management) are taught. The workshop concludes with the evaluation of the results and with the "assignment" of one or more teams.


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Module Exam

Description of exams and course work

Students are able to create an offer for a project and subsequently present their ideas (10-15 min). They are able to understand the basics of an offer preparation.
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